Don’t let your employees bear the tax brunt for their long service and hard work

Giving achievement rewards to honor your employees' accomplishments in safety or years of service demonstrates a great deal of appreciation. While doing so, you run the risk of unintentionally making them suffer tax implications on rewards they receive from you – a situation that's unlikely to contribute to their happiness. Don’t let that happen. Instead, offer tangible gifts to reduce tax exposure.

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Enjoy zero markup fees while protecting your employees from burdensome taxes

What differentiates us

A global rewards catalog

Comprehensive rewards marketplace featuring 26000+ digital gift options from 5000+ global brands.

Zero markup fees 

Customize your tangible gifts more effectively, without worrying about hidden costs affecting your choices.

Pay only on redemption

With the on-redemption pricing model, you only pay for the rewards your employees redeem.

Our rewards catalog is global, expansive, and diverse

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Branded e-gift cards

Give your employee rewards program a contemporary twist with e-gift vouchers while delighting them with a point redemption experience that’s swift and instant.
Our digital rewards catalog has:
  • 26000+ Gift options
  • 5000+ International brands
  • 25+ Exclusive gift categories

Experiential gifts

Go beyond transactions and amaze your employees by sending them stunning experiences as gifts. Improve your employee experience and leave an enduring impact.
Our experiential catalog features:
  • 1000+ Experiential gift options
  • 40+ Exclusive categories
  • 50+ Supported countries

In-house rewards

Embrace the versatility of adding and managing your company swag while having complete control to upload and control your custom rewards catalog through Empuls. 
Our custom catalog lets you:
  • Add your company swag in a few clicks
  • Assign points and value for each swag item
  • Send swag items along with other gift options

Don’t let your employees pay for their loyalty with heavy taxes!

Talk to us to learn how you can add tangible gift items to your achievement award programs and meet IRS tax requirements. Unburden your employees from paying taxes on length of service awards they receive from you.