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Bring everyone together to celebrate employee milestones, customer wins, small and big achievements.


Encourage participation in company events, employee engagement activities, and celebrations.

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Fun and engaging to pools to get a quick feedback

Polls are a great way to collect opinions quickly and easily. They're also a fun and engaging way to get people involved in what you're doing. Whether you're looking to gather opinions on an upcoming decision or gauge how employees feel about a policy change, polls are a great tool to use.

Boost participation with ‘Em’

Close engagement gaps with an AI-powered employee engagement bot, Em. Em interacts with your employees to encourage participation with timely nudges, remind everyone about upcoming events like birthdays, milestone days, and aid HR professionals to build a culture of belongingness.

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Gone are the times when recognition was a one-on-one affair. Now Managers are enabled to quickly appreciate their associates. Recognition is seamless and everybody in the company is able to participate in it.

Angela Santone, EVP - Human Resources

Using Empuls for 3 years now impressed by their customization options, employees love it

Adam, CHRO

The choice of vouchers available for gifting. It's not just limited to one country but is available across the globe. Very convenient to use for organizational giftings as well. Integration is seamless for sending vouchers through mail and text. Loved the experience and support.

Disha Kumar, Senior HR Manager

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