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Delight employees with automated rewards

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Nurture and retain your top talent with timely rewards

Performance Rewards

Allow managers and peers to recognize and reward employees for their excellent work.

Milestone Rewards

Celebrate employee milestones, like birthdays and work anniversaries, with greetings and gifts.

Redemption Catalog

Let them choose from an ever-expanding global catalog of 20,000+ reward choices

Delight employees with extensive reward choices

Get employees motivated and excited by letting them pick the reward that's right for them.

Available in 75+ countries
With 21000+ reward options
Across 20+ reward categories

Reward your employees throughout the employee's lifecycle

Disburse rewards for any/every occasion, right from employee onboarding to promotion, retention, and attrition. Send out rewards personalized for each stage of the employee lifecycle and strategize your actions to deliver an excellent employee experience.
Turn your employees into advocates.

Reward and recognize from your everyday work tools

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work.
We made it easy for them by integrating Empuls with your everyday collaboration, HRIS / HRMS / HCM, and single sign-on tools.

Illustration of Employee's monthly savings using Empuls Perks & Discounts

Reward Amazon Products
within Empuls

Your employees can redeem their points to shop for amazon products within Empuls along with 20,000 other brands. You get access to over 10 million products and unlimited shipping to help you show your employees how much they mean to you.

Great places to work are built by great leaders like you

Gone are the times when recognition was a one-on-one affair. Now Managers are enabled to quickly appreciate their associates. Recognition is seamless and everybody in the company is able to participate in it.

Angela Santone, EVP - Human Resources

Using Empuls for 3 years now impressed by their customization options, employees love it

Adam, CHRO

The choice of vouchers available for gifting. It's not just limited to one country but is available across the globe. Very convenient to use for organizational giftings as well. Integration is seamless for sending vouchers through mail and text. Loved the experience and support.

Disha Kumar, Senior HR Manager
Illustration of Employee's monthly savings using Empuls Perks & Discounts

Democratize your employee awards

Pick a panel of jury members to find the most suitable candidate to receive an employee awards. Remove bias and improve transparency through jury- based awards.

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