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Empuls vs Reward Gateway

Similar is not identical: Most software products in the same space may seem identical. But only after experiencing the product first-hand you’ll be convinced that they are worlds apart. Empuls is a holistic employee engagement platform whereas Awardco is largely an Amazon rewards catalogue company.

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It's always a good practice to scout and talk to multiple vendors before you choose any software. There is plenty of employee engagement solutions out there in the market and we know it is important to evaluate, compare, and pick the platform that's right for you.

About Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway is a cloud-based employee engagement platform, which assists large enterprises with employee rewards and recognition.

Reward Gateway = Employee Perks and Discounts + Rewards and Recognition + Employee Surveys + Social Intranet

Key features include peer-to-peer nominations, award delivery, communications, survey creation, benefits administration, push notifications and live alerts.

Empuls for Employee Engagement

Empuls is a new-age SaaS company leading the employee engagement space with a holistic approach rather than a point solution.

Empuls = Employee Perks and Discounts + Rewards & Recognition + Social Intranet + Employee Surveys + Global Rewards Redemption Catalog + People Analytics

Empuls enable organizations to connect with employees, align them with the organization's shared values, listen to them and act on their feedback, motivate them and reinforce positive behaviours to create a truly engaged workforce.

Reward Gateway
Recognition & Rewards
Value Badges
Peer-to-Peer & Spot Awards
Performance-based Awards
Nomination-based Awards
Limited functionality
New Joinee Award
No Info Available
Long Service Awards
Appreciation Feed
Gift & Reward Automation
Custom Reward Certificates
Printable Certificates
No Info Available
Moment that Matters
Boost Recognition
Trends Check
Award Category Configuration
Rewards point expiry
Points Accumulation Plan
Points and Cash Combination Redemption
No Info Available
Bulk Awards and Gifts
No Info Available
Reward Budgets
No Info Available
Custom Budget Management
Configurable Conversion rate(points)
Analyze & Improve
Global Rewards Catalog
Custom Catalog
Occasion and Festive Gifting
Equally Valued Rewards
Real-time inventory management
No Info Available
Multi-currency Redemption
Perks & Benefits
eNPS Survey
Onboarding Surveys
No Info Available
Sentiment Analysis
Employee Pulse Survey
Recommended Action Plans
Lifecycle Surveys
No Info Available
360-degree Feedback Survey
Survey Templates
Build your own survey
Multi-Lingual Support
Data Export Option
No Info Available
Anonymous Feedback
Industry Benchmarking
Coming Soon
Social Intranet
Posts, News, Discussions, Social Actions
Automated Engagement
Broadcast Announcements
Create and Manage Custom Groups
Custom Leaderboard Settings
Group Content Moderation
Content Moderation - User Level
No Info Available
Nudges & Notifications
DIY HRIS Integration
User Interface and User Experience
User Interface and Experience
As per requirement
Modern & Neat
UI Customization
Large Display Support
System Features
Mobile Apps
Features Customizations
User Management
User Grouping
Budget Allocation
Awards Management
No Info Available
Permission & Roles
Report & Analytics
Reward Insights
Customized Reporting
Intrinsic Motivators Score
Extrinsic Motivators Score
Reporting API
Support & Billing
Onboarding Assistance
Go-Live time
3 - 4 months
0 - 7 days
Manager Resources and Training
All-round Support with dedicated managers
Monthly/Quarterly Business Reviews
Engagement Programs
Academy & Resources
Access to Workplace Culture & Employee Engagement Experts
No Hidden Charges
Data Privacy & Information Security
Uptime SLA
Multi-region Deployment
GDPR Compliant
SOC Type 2
HIPAA Compliant
CPRA Compliant
No Info Available
CSA - Star Level 1
No Info Available
ISO 27001:2013(ISMS)
AWS and Microsoft Certified
Application Security
No Info Available
Transaction Logs
App - Updates
No Info Available
Multi-layer architecture
No Info Available
No Info Available
Security Assessments
No Info Available
Vulnerability Scans
No Info Available
Audit Trails
** All comparison is based on open-source data

Last words…

Of course, we are naturally biased when we say that we are the best employee engagement platform in the world and the nearest competition is miles apart in terms of delivering a great UX, modern and intuitive UI, recognition and rewards infrastructure and the strategic vision of the product.

We genuinely believe we can engage your employees better than anyone and be a strategic partner in enabling your growth journey.