Wow, employees with experiential rewards

Experiential rewards are unique as they leave a lasting impression. With experiences included in Empuls Rewards, you can go beyond transactions and create a genuine emotional connection with employees. 

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Empuls is built for teams from 10 to 10,000+ and offers products for all dimensions of engagement from rewards, recognition, surveys, and perks.

The Empuls Rewards Catalog just got better

Explore Experiences

Every employee has a bucket list of things they want to do in life. Empower them to tick off that list with experiential rewards. Recognition combined with experiential rewards is the best to leave employees with memories they’ll cherish for life. 

Illustration of Employee's monthly savings using Empuls Perks & Discounts
Illustration of Employee's monthly savings using Empuls Perks & Discounts

Something For Everyone 

When it comes to rewards, you want to offer choices that meet the unique preferences of your multi-generational workforce. With more than 700 experiences in the Empuls Rewards Catalog, you can be sure to delight everyone, no matter the stage of life they are in.

Build Employer Brand

Meaningful appreciation shows employees you value their work and achievements. Meaningful experiential rewards show employees you care about them even beyond work. Apart from creating lasting memories, experiences can turn employees into advocates of your brand.  

Illustration of Employee's monthly savings using Empuls Perks & Discounts

The Empuls Difference

Access reward options from more than 100 countries 
No hidden charges, you get a dollar-for-dollar value
Pay only when employees redeem reward points

There’s more to the Empuls Rewards Catalog

Modernize your reward program with e-gift vouchers, delivered instantly upon reward point redemption. Our digital reward catalog includes:
  • 5000+ popular and local brands 
  • eGift cards across 25+ categories
  • Vouchers in multiple denominations
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Delight employees by giving them the choice of redeeming reward points for physical products on Amazon. Our Amazon catalog spans: 
  • 1000s of products
  • Free shipping
  • No markups or taxes
Get the flexibility of uploading and managing your custom rewards catalog on Empuls. Here are some ideas for your custom rewards catalog:
  • “Lunch with the CEO” reward
  • “Paid Time Off” reward
  • Company swag rewards, and more 

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