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Insurance, lifestyle, and voluntary benefits

Support the most important goals of your employees beyond the workplace with various lifestyle and voluntary benefits, including insurance, personal and property protection, financial wellness, health, and wellness.

Your employees will benefit from significantly lower rates and more coverage at little or no cost to you.


​​A comprehensive suite of lifestyle benefits

Offer a wide range of lifestyle and voluntary benefits that are both meaningful and impactful to support your employees’ lives and goals beyond the workplace. Pick and choose from the below categories to customize the offering for your organization and workforce.

Personal & Property Protection

ID Protection
Legal Services
Home Insurance
Auto Insurance
Pet Insurance
Life Insurance

Financial Wellness

Debit & Credit Programs
Tax Preparation
Employee Purchase Programs
Employee Purchase Programs
Financial Planning & Coaching
Long-term Care

Health & Wellbeing

Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Cancer Insurance
Telehealth Solutions

​​Empuls addresses the needs of employers and employees


Customizable to meet every employee’s needs and the organization’s overall benefits strategy
Scalable for organizations of any size, in any geography, and is available across devices and screens
A reporting suite with 24/7 access to actionable business intelligence and data-backed recommendations


Benefits touching all four spheres of your life - personal, financial, physical, and mental wellness
Significantly lower rates and more coverage that’s not available or paid for by your current insurance
24/7 customer service and support, including multilingual and chat support, FAQs, and a help center  

Boost your employer brand and employee value proposition

Promote employee wellness

Improve employee engagement

Retain employees for the long-term

Attract top talent from the market

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More reasons to choose Empuls

Employee tax-saving benefit cards are just one offering from Empuls. To drive holistic employee engagement, it's best to use them with the social intranet, surveys, recognition, rewards, and comprehensive perks & benefits.

Bring a sense of connectedness

Build trust with consistent and transparent communication. Keep connections alive for your employees with a social intranet designed for distributed teams.

Create opportunities for feedback

Measure employee engagement and seek proactive feedback. Elevate employee experience by listening and taking action to fix the root cause of disengagement.

Recognize good behavior

Empower everyone to create a culture of appreciation and give visibility to everyone’s efforts. Make recognition a frictionless, candid, fun, and social experience.

Reward good performance

Applaud good performance when employees meet and exceed company goals. Delight them with reward points that don't expire and an extensive choice of rewards from a global catalog.

Prioritize employee financial well-being

Engage all demographics of your workforce, from Gen X to Gen Z, with perks and benefits like offers and exclusive discounts, early wages and payday loans, tax-saving prepaid cards, and more.
*Empuls Perks & Discounts is an add-on feature that can be purchased with our Starter and Proficient plans.

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