Is Moonlighting a concern? Reconnect with your workforce before it's too late.

HR leaders are struggling to understand ‘The Great Disconnect’. Xoxoday Empuls enables HR to learn why employees are moonlighting and the overall reasons for discontent so they can take swift action using a multi-dimensional approach.

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What is Moonlighting? 

Moonlighting is the term used when people take on additional jobs along with their full-time employment. As hybrid and remote cultures rise, employees find themselves with more control over their work day. This has led to people taking on additional jobs, or indulging in non-work activities during office hours. Feedback gathered using Empuls surveys shows these as some common reasons behind moonlighting by employees:

Absence of creativity, growth, and challenge in their current role
Lack of continuous appreciation and motivation
The feeling of not being heard or valued
Feeling disconnected from the organization 

Employers can fix these with open communication channels, timely recognition and rewards, and by acknowledging employee concerns and perspectives. 

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It’s time to reconnect with employees using a holistic approach to reignite their passion and regain their trust so they always reach out to you first. 


Understand the reasons for disengagement or discontent, and implement action plans to resolve them. 


Foster a culture of openness and transparency with timely communication, peer connection, and collaboration. 


Foster peer connection and conversation around important topics.


Keep everyone aligned and informed about company news and goals.


Allow organic conversations with community groups for interests and hobbies.


Get people to join in celebrations and discussions with nudges and social actions.


Find more reasons to celebrate your people, from personal and professional milestones to great attitude and performance.


Appreciate employees when they adopt and display company values.


Applaud people and teams when they exceed performance targets.


Crowdsource wishes to celebrate personal and professional milestones.


Create lasting memories with rewards and give the gift of choice with a global catalog.


Empuls works with your everyday work tools

Your employees are already navigating multiple tools at work. We made it easy for them by integrating Empuls with your everyday collaboration, HRIS/HRMS/HCM, and single sign-on tools.

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