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HR People Analytics Software to glean valuable insights

Utilize a data-driven and goal-focused approach to understand how your people are adopting and interacting with your engagement programs. Strategize the next steps and shape the future workplace with Empuls HR People Analytics.

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Empower organizational outcomes with data-driven* insights


Improvement in overall eNPS score


Likely to stay if incentivized


Growth in company revenue


Higher customer satisfaction scores

*These results are based on Empuls customer reports.

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Get a holistic view of your people initiatives with in-depth people analytics

Culture & Values

Track the adoption and alignment with core values via reports on values-based recognition.

Monitor active groups and discussion threads to understand employee sentiments and improve communication and collaboration.

Gauge what people think about culture using Empuls surveys. Identify and fix issues before they affect culture.

Assess different aspects of culture, such as DEI, with measurable insights and foster a more inclusive workplace.

Employee Engagement

Measure loyalty, engagement, and the pulse of your workforce with eNPS and Pulse surveys. 

Dive deeper into employee feedback to get insights into attrition, motivation, team performance, and happiness.

Learn how are you placed as compared to your competitors in the industry with benchmarking.

Use detailed analytics to understand the correlation between engagement drivers and develop a plan of action.

Reward & Recognition

See how recognition cuts across departments, locations, and more to improve individual adoption and foster a culture of appreciation. 

Evaluate award success, seek feedback on less popular categories, analyze reward point distribution over time,  and track redemption trends.

Get a real-time view of the wallet balance, available budget points, redeemable points, and pending nominations.

View the complete picture of your rewards budget across gifts, awards, departments, and time periods to re-evaluate budget utilization.

Perks & Wellbeing

Track cost savings for every employee and overall organization through employee perks. 

Enable effective financial planning for your teams by showing them extra savings every month against the expenses.

eNPS & Pulse Surveys

Measure Engagement

eNPS & Pulse Surveys

Measure employee loyalty, understand the key drivers influencing them with an industry standard engagement survey.

Identify Users groups with high performance mindset and culture, learn groups at risk of attrition and the contributing factors to it.

Use detailed analytics to understand the correlation between engagement drivers and develop a plan of action.

Lifecycle Surveys

Enhance the Employee EX

Lifecycle Surveys

Gather feedback at every employee touchpoint, from onboarding to exit.

Explore diverse insights, from DEIB to webinar feedback, with multiple survey templates.

Enhance the employee experience by identifying areas of improvement via regular check-ins with your workforce.

Induction and Joining Delights
Rewards for Personal Occasions
Festive Rewards
Milestone Rewards
Performance Based Rewards
Peer to Peer Rewards
Perks and Promotions
Referral Rewards
Long Service Rewards
Sales Incentives
Retirements/Exit Rewards

Other Surveys

Customize Your Surveys

Other Surveys

Build surveys from scratch or edit our existing templates with our vast question bank.

Run custom quizzes as a fun way to engage teams, disseminate knowledge, or drive healthy competition.

Gain access to trends over time when you use the same custom templates.

Foster a culture of data-driven decision-making

Deliver surveys designed in collaboration with SHRM

Allow employees to provide honest responses to questions with anonymous surveys.


Ensure the reliability of user responses with researched and statistically validated questions.


Increase participation rates with short surveys that avoid responder fatigue and bias.

Open Feedback

Include open-ended questions to get detailed inputs on what's working and what's not.

Personalize the survey experience for all
Customized engagement drivers

Choose from existing questions or add your unique engagement drivers to measure.

Tailored settings

Collect user info or keep it anonymous, 20+ global and regional language options, and set response limits per user.

Custom Data Presentation

Customize how the data is presented based on your needs; beyond built-in insights and reports.


Personalize the platform to align with your brand, culture, and program requirements.

Automate surveys and boost participation with AI
Survey Scheduling

Schedule surveys to be sent at regular intervals for every stage in the employee lifecycle.

AI-driven Participation

Trigger AI-backed nudges, email notifications, and in-app alerts to drive participation.

Response Alert

Get notified upon collecting enough survey responses, ensuring data reliability for in-depth analysis.

Mobile & Web Access

Allow employees to participate in surveys across multiple devices, such as desktops, tablets, laptops, kiosks, and mobiles (Android & iOS).

Enhance insights and benchmark against industry standards
Sentiment Analysis

Analyze workforce sentiment with AI-based, open-ended feedback and word cloud.

Strategic Analysis

View trends and heatmaps for focused improvements and strategic planning.


Compare results across departments or industry peers using relevant benchmarks.

Effortless Exports

Get relevant export options (PDF & CSV) to share data with internal stakeholders.

Explore multiple reports to access data with ease
Trends & Heatmaps

View trends and heatmaps to drive focused improvements and strategic planning.

Access Control

Access tailored reports at individual, team, and organizational levels for a comprehensive understanding of your data.

Multiple Report Types

Explore persona-based, program-specific, and departmental reports for valuable data like recognition patterns, values adoption, and more.

Qualitative Data

Empower leaders with nuanced insights into organizational culture through conversation analytics, nominations, and survey reports.

Customize and segment data for different use cases
Data Customization

Filter reports to view insights by sentiment or employee metadata such as gender, department, region, business unit, etc.

Benchmark Data

Gain a competitive edge by comparing results across departments or industry peers using relevant benchmarks.

Dynamic Data Presentation

Personalize the visual representation of data to align with your needs and get a holistic view of employee engagement.

Seamless Data Export

Choose from multiple export options (PDF & CSV) to easily share data with internal stakeholders.

Glean insights to strategize organizational growth
Historic Insights

Compare and analyze historical data to get to the root of problems and enhance your people initiatives.

Action Plans

Get research-backed recommendations and action plans based on data and employee feedback.

Data Transparency

Gain deeper insights into ROI, success rates, and areas of improvement for each program.

Consultative Support

Leverage our team of experts to analyze and interpret data, and get guidance on action plans beyond initial recommendations.

Ensure data security is a top priority

Safeguarding user data is our priority. Empuls adheres to global standards, including WCAG, SOC II, ISO 27001, CCPA, HIPPA, and GDPR.

Cloud Security

Choose where and how you run and store your data with our global cloud infrastructure.

Product Security

Prioritize data security through a Secure Development Lifecycle, including training, reviews, and third-party penetration tests.

Data Security

We ensure all employees and contractors, accessing Empuls’ information assets, adhere to comprehensive security policies.

Address the needs of everyone in the workplace

Human Resources

Take a research-backed approach to continuously enhance your employee engagement and employee experience strategies.

Business Leaders

Define and drive a data-driven organizational strategy that positively influences people and business outcomes.

People Leaders

Get a 360° view of employees' opinions and behaviors, enhancing connection and motivation across the organization.


Use data to identify the gaps in alignment with your company's culture and goals and improve adoption and participation.